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COVID Best Practice

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COVID-19 best practice behaviour and hygiene protocols

  1. Drivers wearing 3 ply cloth masks at all times.
  2. Alcohol-based sanitizer in all vehicles available for driver and passenger.
  3. Only drivers open and close boot and doors (to minimize touch exposure).
  4. Government-regulated social distancing in all vehicles.
  5. Travelers are not permitted in a vehicle without a functional protective mask which is to be worn for the duration of the service.
  6. Drivers trained in Covid19 safety protocols and personal protection.
  7. Ongoing temperature and other Covid19 screening.
  8. Pre-booking of all services to ensure vehicles are COVID-19 ready.
  9. Vehicles will be sanitised / disinfected before every trip.
  10. No extras like magazines and water to be made available.
  11. Gestured greeting of guests bow or hands in prayer position, no contact.
  12. Vehicles limited to 50% capacity.
  13. Ventilation and air conditioning to allow for fresh air to blow into the vehicle and not recirculation.